Complete Land Clearing & Excavation Services

Begin the digging process with Lamproe Construction Inc., in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. We provide land clearing and excavation services that meet all your needs.

Excavation & Land Clearing

Get clear land to build upon with our services. Land clearing and excavation services include building pads, house pads, driveways in homes, oil fields, and gravel private roads. We have the bulldozers, dump trucks, and equipment needed to clear trees and haul all gravel and dirt. Moreover, we work with companies in the community including land developers and oil field companies.

Our Equipment

Trust in a company that uses the best equipment for your construction needs. All of our equipment is owned in-house. Our staff members have more than 20 years of experience handling these types of machinery. Furthermore, our equipment includes machines for setting specific elevation, proper drainage, and pond building.

Excavation in Progress - Excavation Services

Contact us for excavation services from professionals who keep your area safe and free of dirt.